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The key to any successful business is to have a road map or action plan. This road map will act as a guidance tool as you navigate your business and plan its future. This action plan or road map is what we call a business plan.

Business Plan Advisors™ offers a variety of Business Plans tailored to the needs of the client’s business model. Below is a partial list of the standard packages offered by Business Plan Advisors™. Each plan is customized to the needs of the individual clients.   free consultation

Level I Start-up Plan » Seeking up to $100,000 »
Level I Start-up Plan »
The Start-up Business Plan serves the aspiring entrepreneur in two of the most critical early development stages: Funding and Managerial Direction. Our Company’s Start-up Plan is geared towards entrepreneurs seeking up to $100,000 in capital investment through a private equity offering, or through other means of finance such as an SBA Loan.

The Start-up Plan includes complete financials, potential cash-flow, break-even analysis, a marketing strategy, and a separate executive summary.   free consultation

Level II Start-up or Expansion Plan » Seeking up to $1,000,000 »
Level II Start-up Plan »
The Level II Start-up Business Plan serves the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses, increase market share, or secure funding for up to $1,000,000. The Senior Start-up Plan includes a comprehensive marketing strategy, a thorough competitive analysis, and systematic financial projections that allow our client to strategically maneuver through numerous unforeseen obstacles.

The Level II Start-up Plan helps to define concepts, target markets and market potential, as well as financial clarity necessary to define your concept, identify your market potential, and identify capital requirements. Executive summary included.
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Level III Start-up or Enterprise Plan » Seeking up to $1,000,000,000 »
Level III Start-up Plan »
The Level III Start-up Business Plan serves the need of those entrepreneurs or established companies seeking to raise additional capital to expand their businesses. In most cases, those seeking financing upwards of the million dollar mark will most likely, but not necessarily, already be established companies or those that have no operating history but have a working prototype or product.

The Level III Start-up Plan is the most comprehensive plan offered by Business Plan Advisors as all aspects of a fully developed and interactive plan are incorporated in this prospectus. Also included is a Draft Offering Memorandum.   free consultation

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