Bond Offerings

Bond Offerings

Business Plan Advisors assists with corporate bond offerings. Bond offerings are common for both US and foreign companies. A bond offering allows for a company to sell debt securities in return for payments. Most common bond offerings for large companies are a 144A bond offering which allows for a company to raise funds from QIBs, or qualified institutional buyers. 144A offerings are considered a more efficient way to raise capital, both debt and equity, in the quickest possible manner, absent conducing an initial public offering.

Bonds – 144A Bond Offerings

Business Plan Advisors helps with 144A, which are either conducted via a debt offering, such as selling a note or bond, or an equity offering. Today, in many respects, a 144A debt offering is more popular than the equity. That is mainly due to the fact that in 144A bond (usually) the company will put forth its assets as collateral. In an equity deal there is simply more liability. 144A bonds or 144A notes implies that an investor is going to raise capital from US investors and/or clear or settle with a US institution.

Bonds – Reg S Bond Offerings

Business Plan Advisors helps with Reg S, or Regulation S, which is somewhat the other end of the 144A offering. A Reg S offering is an ‘offshore offering’. That is, it is conducted outside the US. Companies often conduct both Reg S and 144A offerings simultaneously.

Bonds with CUSIP and ISIN Numbers

Business Plan Advisors assists with CUSIP and ISIN number applications and documentation. Companies that issue either 144A securities or Reg S bonds, or a mixture of a 144A/Reg S securities, usually obtained CUSIP numbers and ISIN codes for the securities. This is used for identification purposes.

Business Plan Advisors can assist with your 144A bond offering, Reg S offering, and help obtain ISIN and CUSIP numbers for the 144A/Reg S.

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