Historical LTN bonds often require an ISIN.

Business Plan Advisors is often asked to assist with obtaining ISIN numbers for stocks and bonds and long term notes or LTNs. But what about historic bonds? Historical Gold Bonds are collectors’ items. There are all sorts of historic bonds that were issued to fund building projects of one kind or another or private corporate enterprises, such as railroads. Some are rare, and therefore command a relatively high price among collectors, traders, sellers and buyers. Often, the owners of such historical bonds would like to obtain an ISIN number or CUSIP number, or have the bonds listed with a Euro firm that will clear or settle. While historical bonds are tricky to work with, each case is decided by the merits and authenticity of the bonds themselves.

A Bond is a Promissory Note, issued by a corporation or government toward the completion of a project. A Bond is a means for that corporation or government to borrow money from the general public in small individual increments. In return for the use of the Bond owner’s money, interest is paid on a pre-determined schedule.

Every Bond has a maturity date. On that maturity date, the Bond owner can cash in the Bond for his original investment amount and any interest due. Not all Bonds retain their value since it’s not unusual for a project to fail; like DEBENTURES, Bonds are only as good as the issuer.

The only Bonds backed by the United States Government are issued by the U.S. Treasury Department. See the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of Public Debt web site for more information relating to Bonds and U.S. Treasuries.

Whether the Bonds in question were issued in the United States or in Paraguay, or in Germany, or anywhere else, every Bond fund is closed after a reasonable amount of time. In other words, if you don’t cash them in a timely manner they are no longer redeemable, unless, as some claim, they were repactuated by a foreign government, such as Brazilian bonds or others such as MTN, STN, LTN and LTNs.. Whether such bonds can obtain an ISIN or CUSIP is debatable and must be studied.

Business Plan Advisors can assist with historical bonds.

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