Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund

Business Plan Advisors can assist with your hedge fund formation, or the writing of your hedge fund offering memorandum or other documents, and assist with your ISIN or CUSIP hedge fund needs.

What is a hedge fund is often asked to Business Plan Advisors? A hedge fund is an investment fund that can undertake a range of investment and trading activities other funds do not, such as mutual funds. Hedge funds tend to invest in a diverse range of assets. Most, however, hedge funds invest in liquid securities on pubic markets. Hedge funds use all types of strategies to make a profit, including techniques such as leveraging and short selling. Additionally, hedge funds tend to be open ended funds and this allows investors to both invest their money and withdraw capital at specified times.

Hedge funds, as opposed to mutual funds are mainly unregulated. This is due to the type of investor that it attracts, namely ‘sophisticated investors’. Most investors must be ‘accredited’ in order to invest.

Hedge Fund Services

Business Plan Advisors can help with the following and more:

  • We can create your hedge fund entity, either onshore or offshore.
  • We can draft all necessary paper work for the hedge fund, including formation documents, offering memorandum or circular or prospectus.
  • Obtain ISIN and CUSIP numbers.

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